Don’t Buy, Borrow – Save Money on DIY Projects and Summer Adventures

Save Money by Borrowing Rather than Buying

It’s officially gorgeous outside which means summer projects are in the works! Whether you’re pressure washing your home or hosting a huge barbecue for all of your friends, consider saving money and going green with the “Don’t Buy, Borrow” system.

don't buy, borrow

For items you won’t use often, consider renting the tools or supplies you need or borrowing them from a friend or neighbor. Not only are you going to save money, but you’ll prevent clutter that you won’t have to worry about later. You’ll also reduce your environmental impact because making and transporting new products (and their packaging) requires a lot of energy and resources. Maybe that $250 rototiller seems necessary now, but do you really want to look at that thing in your garage for the rest of the year?

A Few Examples of How “Don’t Buy, Borrow” Saves Money:

Purchasing a pressure washer: $179-$279
Renting a pressure washer : $40-$79
Savings: $139 – $199

Purchasing a ladder: $199
Renting the same or similar ladder of 1 day: $31
Savings: $168

Oh and don’t forget borrowing from a friend or neighbor: FREE!


Where Can I Rent Items Instead of Buying Them?

If you’re lucky enough to live in a town that has a tool library – that’s awesome! Otherwise, many places rent out items. The Home Depot or local hardware stores often rent big power tools, lawn equipment, floor finishing equipment, and more. It may be just what you need for your next house or yard project.

Working on your car? O’Reilly and Auto Zone have FREE loaner tools. Hardly ever go camping? Why not borrow a tent from a friend? Or an air mattress for when family visits? A suitcase for that trip you’re taking… tables and chairs for a party, camping or hiking gear, sports equipment, a bicycle… textbooks… strollers… You get the idea!

Sometimes it is totally worth purchasing of course and in that case just buy quality 🙂

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