If You’re Not Sure on the Dress, Don’t Buy It

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Over the years I’ve found myself there again and again…

Standing in the dressing room in a new outfit I like. Well I kind-of like it. I’m like … 70% there. The internal dialogue is happening in waves, trying to talk myself into it and trying to talk myself out of it. I like it. But it’s a little bit… I don’t know. I just wish it was a little bit more…

Okay stop.

When I catch myself doing this it’s time to stop. I already have the answer, I’m not buying it.

Ladies you know it, I know it, we all know it. We buy something we’re kind of on the fence about, wear it maybe 3 times, and the other 362 days of the year it stares at us from the closet making us feel guilty for buying it and not wearing it. Maybe it was an awesome sale that felt good in the moment but we got it home and admitted it wasn’t our style at all. Maybe we bought it for a “what if” occasion… a completely fictional scenario like a party that didn’t exist yet or a beach trip that we had no intention of taking in the foreseeable future.

New rule: I value myself.  I value my money. I value making good use of the items in my life. Unless it’s something I’m in love with and feel amazing about then it’s not worthy.

Here’s the thing, items rarely “grow-on” us. Sure sometimes they do, sometimes they can. But most of the time I have found that if I acquire something and don’t really like it from the beginning, then the version of myself that has experienced more growth isn’t going to like it any more. Plus it’s even harder because it already has a negative energy around it, which can grow with the added time of staring at it. Even if there is a chance we may like/need/use something in the future, why risk it? Why sacrifice that amazing feeling of finding something perfect by instead opting for something that’s just sort of … eh.

We’re better than this and it’s time to prove it to ourselves. You’re worth it. Good luck out there <3



One thought on “If You’re Not Sure on the Dress, Don’t Buy It

  1. Great blog, absolutely agree with you. Only buy products if you love it, there’s no need to buy for nonexistent parties..think we all are guilty of that.

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