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Eco Girl was founded out of the desire to offer natural products and life hacks to benefit your health, your life, and the planet. We believe in the slogan “going green means saving green” and that simple living and smart consumerism help to create a happy, healthy life.

What you’ll find in our store:

We proudly offer products that have been tried and tested. We strive to work with companies that are making healthy choices for the good of society and the future of our planet whenever possible. Some of the products you’ll discover here include:

  • Organic, chemical free, or otherwise health conscious items that will benefit your body and our planet in the long run

  • Reusable alternatives for items you may be purchasing regularly and disposing of

  • Products and/or packaging made of biodegradable, recycled, or otherwise earth friendly materials, or little packaging

What you’ll discover in the Eco Girl Blog:

Our blog focuses on real information that can help women of all ages and their families live a greener, happier, and healthier life. We strongly believe that going-green or choosing organic shouldn’t break the bank. In fact, our goal is to prove that simplifying your life and living sustainably will actually save you tons money in the long run. Subscribe to our blog for:

  • Simple but life-changing tips on how living an eco-friendly life will save you time, sanity, and money

  • Health conscious ideas and practices that are easy to implement in your everyday life

  • Real-life verified green news, product reviews, and guest bloggers from around the world

We are happy to have you join our community. Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Pinterest, or reach out to us via our contact page. We love hearing your thoughts and will respond ASAP.

We hope you enjoy living green as much as we do!


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