Easiest Zero Waste Tip for Beginners – Your First Tip to Get Started on Your Zero Waste Journey

The easiest zero waste tip that’s so simple it seems almost silly but it truly WORKS! If you are just starting out on your zero waste journey, here is one easy trick that will drastically cut down on your waste creation.

Ready for it?

Get a smaller trashcan.

easiest zero waste tip for beginners

So easy right? It’s pretty typical for American households to have a huge “kitchen size” trash can. Simply switching to a smaller one will not only make you more conscious of the waste you’re creating, but will also make you aware of what you’re throwing away. You’ll think twice about that polystyrene foam (Styrofoam) to-go cup or that unnecessarily packaged produce at the grocery store that takes up so much room in your trash can.

Yes, you will find yourself taking the trash out more frequently, but it will keep your home smelling awesome. Plus if you don’t like taking out the trash, you’ll think twice before making waste. You’ll also start to think about how some of the items you’re about to toss could be re-purposed, rather than thrown away.

Did you switch to a smaller trash can? What were your experiences? Share your trash-cutting tips on our Facebook page !





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